Why You Need A Mailing List

Why You Need A Mailing List

You've heard it many times...

The money is in the list.

Your own list of subscribers who know who you are, interested in what you have to say, and want to buy what you have to offer.
A list makes it possible to get paid for all the hard work you put in building your website, creating content, building up your inventory...
Your business needs traffic, clicks and sales...
With your own list, you can have these things without spending your hard earned cash on high risk PPC campaigns, wasting time trying to SEO your site, or paying anything for advertising...
So you know you need to start building it on day one.
So what can a list do for your business? Glad you asked...

Here is why you need a mailing list:

- A list makes it possible for you to reach you subscribers with a click of a button.

- It lets you generate traffic to your website when you want it.

- It saves you thousands of advertising dollars that you would have to pay otherwise.

- You don't have to wait around for organic search engine rankings to get visitors.

- You don't need to find JV partners right away in order to promote your affiliate offers.

- It makes it possible to present new product releases to you subscribers immediately.

- It lets you test the market for specific products before you spend money to promote with paid ads.

- You can ask your list for feedback and testimonials.

- You can ask them what they needs and create products that meet those needs.

- When your list is big enough, you can run ad swaps with other marketers to grow it even bigger.

- Your list will is where you will earn most of your money...

All of these benefits are possible if your relationship with your list is based on trust.

In case you are not convinced yet, here is a visual from SeeWhy.  The company studied some 60,000 ecommerce transactions coming to a shopping cart from different sites. It found that the biggest money generator among the 7 traffic methods was... you guessed it.

The emails sent to subscribers in marketer's mailing lists were a clear winner.


So, how do you build your list? Go to



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