Want To Get Rich? Adjust Your Attitude!

Want To Get Rich? Adjust Your Attitude!

We all know that being broke and always worrying about money is a sad way to live.
But why is it that some people get rich while others seem to be destined to stay broke forever?
Doesn't seem fair, does it?
Do you know what keeps most people broke? It's not luck. It's not fate. And it's not some conspiracy by rich people.
It's simply their mindset.
The set of attitudes about life, relationships, money and everything else under the sun.
Here is how to tell apart people likely to stay broke from those destined to go places:

  • Broke people drag themselves out of bed. Rich people love when the day begins.
  • Broke people are glad when the day is over. Rich people wish they'd have few more hours to get things done.
  • Broke people think getting a job sounds too good to be true. Rich people think that getting a job is a temporary necessity.
  •  Broke people give up when things get difficult. The rich work harder and become more determined.
  •  Broke people get disappointed easily. Rich people understand that you have to take the bad with the good to make it.
  •  Broke people blame others when things go wrong. Rich people say "it's my fault" and learn from their failures.
  • Broke people accept not having what they want as a fact of life. Rich people will do whatever it takes to get it.
  •  Broke people always have to talk it over with their broke friends to make sure they won't make fun of their decision. Rich people think for themselves and could care less what their broke friends think.
  • Broke people think they know everything. Rich people never stop learning from those who were there before them.
  •  Broke people are scared people. Rich people know to trust people that are crucial for their success.
  •  Broke people don't believe they can succeed. Rich people know they will succeed.
  •  Broke people want to see the money before they lift a finger. Rich people believe that digging in and working hard will pay off.
  • Broke people talk, read and think about getting things done. Rich people get them done.
  • Broke people think rich people are lucky. Rich people work hard to get the "luck" show up.
  • Broke people work by the hour. Rich people work by the month.
  • Broke people want to get paid by the hour. Rich people find broke people who think like that and make them their employees.
  •  Broke people get excited about getting a job. Rich people think it's funny that broke people are excited about making them rich.
  • Broke people complain a lot. Rich people are thankful for all the good things in their lives.
  • Broke people want to know what other people are doing. Rich people are only concerned about what they temselves are doing to get more done.
  • Broke people think that if no one is doing it, it must suck. Rich people think that if no one is doing it yet, it means more money for them.
  • Broke people think that all good opportunities are taken. Rich people think that broke people aren't too bright.
  • Broke people are content with being average. Rich people always want to be more.
  • Broke people let other people talk them out of their dreams. Rich people know better.

So, there! If you want to be rich, think and act like rich people do.

Everything else is a waste of life.




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