My Traffic Blueprint

My Traffic Blueprint

Want to get lots of traffic to your blog without spending a fortune on ads?

Yes, me too. And I know it's possible. I know I can turn my blog into traffic-pulling machine with in-demand content, some discipline, and a daily plan to follow.

I know I can because I have just created a living blueprint that will grow and change until it works!

My Target Goals

Yes, I want to get the traffic my blog deserves, and that's the primary goal for this Blueprint. But there are other not so obvious goals that are even more important.

It takes a lot of implementing to market effectively without tutorials and step-by-step guidance. It takes time and repetition to gain the skills and the know-how without having to go through daily scramble for what to do next. I'd like to get to the point where I can go through marketing motions seamlessly for every new post, every day. My second goal is to gain skills that will make completing the Blueprint steps a breeze.

This version of the Blueprint is a starting point. As I work through it, I'll know which marketing channels work and which don't. I'll learn what's outdated and is a waste of time, and what I should explore deeper. So, my third goal is to develop the daily marketing process that produces the results I want.

Few Things to Keep In Mind

Keep in mind that these steps don't need to be sequential,they are numbered as a guideline. Also, the blueprint is for existing blogs with at least 10 great posts that are ready to be shared with the world. If you don't have a blog and have not written your 10 blog posts yet, bookmark this page and come back here when your blog is ready to handle the avalanche of traffic coming our way.

The first 3 steps of my traffic blueprint deal with setting up Social Media accounts, social bookmarking and social sharing. These are done only once.

Steps 4 thru 10 are repeated for every post you want to share with the world. I aim to complete these steps for every new blog post, keeping in mind that not all of them may be relevant for every post.

The more of these channels you implement, the more traffic you will have, and the more money you're likely to make.

My 10 Step Traffic Blueprint

1. Make sure to have an account in as many popular Social Media and Social Bookmarking sites as possible. These should include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc.

2. Install Social Share buttons on your blog that includes as many of the Social Media sites from Step 1 as possible. Always click the Social Sharing buttons on your blog as soon as you publish new post.

3. Get a TweetJukebox account. This is an autoposter for Twitter and it lets you post on Twitter 24 hours a day. It's free to start and very inexpensive to keep running when you expand. Add a tweet to your Blog Jukebox for post on your blog. Ultimately you will have a different blog post shared on Twitter every hour of the day, for around the clock traffic.

4. Blog consistently and always reply to comments on your blog to make it a "living" responsive blog to make people want to come back to. Include images that can be shared in visual Social Media sites like Pinterest.

5. Submit your blog to Google and Yahoo Directories to improve your blog ranking.

6. Make sure to optimize every blog post for search engines. For more onsite SEO, see 10

7. Make product review videos and upload them to Youtube. Then do a little Youtube SEO and always link back to a related content on your blog.

8. Find and join one or two active Forums in your niche. Create an attractive profile reflecting your niche interest. Add your blog’s URL in your signature. Login to the forum daily and spend a little time answering or commenting on other people posts, or creating your own conversations. When you do that, you'll leave your blog's link in your signature. You can also include links to your blog posts if they are relevant to conversation.

8. Use free press release sites such as Free-Press-Release and PrFree to bring even more visitors to your blog.

7. Join blogging communities like BlogEngage and Blokube to engage with people who share your interests. Great place for backlinks and solicit guest posting.

10. Submitting articles to authority blogs in your Niche goes a long way to improve your site's ranking and authority. Make sure to include one or two links to your blog to siphon additional traffic to your site and to create backlinks that are crucial for your blog's search engine rankings.



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